Thank You

Thank You

CONGRATULATIONS on making your reservation with Terrys Vacation Rentals! I like to make sure our guests are well informed and know what to expect along the way. You will receive several emails along the way.

As soon as you made the reservation you were sent two emails. One email is requesting you fill out the rental agreement for your stay with us. The other email explains the importance of travel insurance and it includes a link to purchase travel insurance if you want it.  


Below is a list of other emails you will receive from us along the way:

30 days prior to your check in, you will receive an email if we have available days that you can add to your current reservation.

10 days prior to your check in date you will receive an email reminder of the security deposit hold and there will be a link in that email to update the credit card information the hold will be placed on if you need to make changes to the card on file. If you want to use the same card you used to make the reservation you do not need to do anything when you get this email. 

7 days prior to your check in date you will receive a list of pre-trip reminders with a list of items that we provide and a list of things we suggest you bring.

2 days prior to your check in date you will receive the check in instructions. This email has the door code in it as well. This email will not be sent if the rental agreement has not been completely filled out and esigned and the security deposit hold has not been successfully placed on your credit card. Feel free to reply to this email or text me at 573-275-8074 to verify that we have everything requested. There will not be any refunds given to guests that do not receive a door code for their reservation due to the required information not being provided.     

2 days prior to your check out date you will receive a pre departure email explaining what needs to be done as you prepare for your check out.

On the day you check out you will receive an email requesting a review of your stay with us. 

I appreciate your business!! 

Terrys Vacation Rentals
(573)275-8074 text preferred / calls are welcomed